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Customized Karaoke Offer

Terms and Conditions of this Discount Offer

We normally accept orders of all kinds of songs from any language/ genre for customized karaoke orders BUT regarding this specific great discount offer on ordering a Customized Karaoke track, your song must meet the following requirements.

1-    You send us the song first via email ( or Whatsapp 0092-3404903004, we’ll check if the song meets all requirements.

2-    The Audio quality of the song should be very good, we expect that the song is not of very old recording in respect of audio quality.

3-    The song length should be 5-6 minutes maximum.

4-    We will accept songs of only languages; Urdu, Hindi, Panjabi, Pakistani, Bollywood, bhangra.

Bangla and any other regional language songs and Christian songs are not accepted under this discount offer. Unplugged version are also not accepted under this offer.

5-    We expect to receive famous and demanding songs only by recognized singers. Songs by new singers or non-famous songs will not be accepted.

6-    We may take upto 5-7 working days to complete the orders as we believe we are going to receive a lot of orders. However, we will try our best to send the completed orders as soon as possible. If you really want the order quicker, please ask via email or Whatsapp.

7-    You will get a synchronized Video Lyrics karaoke.


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