Karaoke Pitch Down

Karaoke tracks we offer on our website are sequenced on the similar pitch note as the original song but sometime it appears difficult to you to sing on that pitch and you want to sing on the pitch a few notes lower than that.

On the other hand some singers have God gifted high pitch vocals and they wish to sing the karaoke on a higher pitch than it's original pitch or sometimes the pitch of some karaoke is not ideal and you want it to sing on a higher note.

We provide this service and can change the pitch of the karaoke up to 5 notes down or up and this will not change the tempo of the karaoke at all and the audio quality will also remain the same as the original file.

You can click the product below to order a Pitch Down or Up service. After you have made the payment just email us with karaoke attachment and pitch change details at sales@bajikaraoke.com

Order Karaoke Pitch Do...

$3.00 $5.00 SAVE 40%

Order Karaoke Pitch Do...

$5.00 $7.00 SAVE 29%