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We provide solutions to many different karaoke music-related tasks to support music lovers as much as possible. We keep on posting musical articles which hopefully answer your queries and update your knowledge.

We also post blogs regarding many different features we have available on the website bajikaraoke.com, for example, you can find video tutorials here on;

  • How to search for karaoke on our website
  • How to purchase karaoke
  • How to make payment through PayPal or through any major debit/ credit card
  • How to download karaoke
  • How to change the scale of karaoke for free
  • How to change the tempo of karaoke for free
  • and many more........

Karaoke Scale/ Pitch Change

Karaoke Scale/ Pitch Change

By / 19 July, 2022

Audacity is a free-to-download software available for Windows Audacity, and Mac Audacity you can just search for Audacity on google and download it, it is very simple to use to change Pitch, Tempo, and a lot of other audio-related features. let me sh..

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