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New Composition

New Composition

Song Writing

We have song writers available of any Genre type song of Languages like Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Saraiki and other regional languages, so can write a song on your demand. You may tell us the topic or explain what type of lyrics would you exactly like and we will work for you accordingly.


We have world's best Indian & Pakistani music composers available on our panel to compose your song lyrics according to the current market trends and public liking. Our composers compose modern type and also classical songs based on Ragas, all depends on your demand,

Music arrangements

Our team consists of Pro musicians, music arrangers & sequencers and recording engineers to create music of your song and we better know what type of music is in these days.

Vocal Editing, Vocal Tuning,  Vocal Modeling, Harmonies...

We are highly professional in editing vocals, making sweet and soft sounds, tuning each single word and lines you may sing sometimes out of tune which may actually happens with even very professional singer, it's not unusual but we are here to fix every single note o your vocal and tune it just perfect. We also do vocal effects, vocal modeling according to the mood and type of song, we create digital vocal harmonies and chorus effects as needed. You record your vocal at your end, send us dry vocal files without any effects and we will do the rest.

Mixing and Mastering

We audio engineers have years of experience to mix your music track to be released commercially, giving your record maximum volume, full punch and balanced sharpness to meet the level of any commercially released track worldwide. We fully comply with the mixing and mastering standard of iTune, Amazon, Spotify, deezer and and all other biggest music stores in the world.

Publishing, releasing and promoting worldwide

We get your song registered worldwide providing you globally recognized ISRC, UPC, Bar code. We release your audio/ video on world's biggest music stores including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc.. and promote on worlds most viewed music and entertainment channels as your per demand. 

DJ Remix Music Track -...

$85.00 $150.00 SAVE 43%

Guitar Piano Unplugged...

$85.00 $150.00 SAVE 43%

New Music Track + Voca...

$499.00 $500.00 SAVE 0%

New Music Tracks only ...

$149.00 $200.00 SAVE 26%

Standard Cover Music T...

$85.00 $150.00 SAVE 43%

Song Lyrics + Composit...

$299.00 $350.00 SAVE 15%

Song Lyrics + Composit...

$649.00 $699.00 SAVE 7%

2 New Music Tracks onl...

$249.00 $300.00 SAVE 17%